Beautify Your Home With These: Part 2

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

50 Items To Beautify Your Home: Part 2: 11- 20

If you have not done so already, you need to take a good look around the inside of your home and envision what you want each living space to look like. While you are visualizing each space, take a mental snapshot of where you want each decorative item to be placed within each space.

Now take a good look at all the decorative items you already have. Pay attention to the patterns, prints, colors and shades. As you place each item in the places you want them to be, take a step back and see if each item fits into your overall look and color scheme. This way you will see for yourself if your decor actually blends in.

If you are not satisfied with what you see, you can always try something else. The whole point of going through this process is to help you discover what your decorating style is and to teach how to decorate your home by including and using the items you like.

Here are 10 more items you can add to your decorative items list. This way you can pick and choose which items are more suitable for the space you are working on.

11. Throw Pillows: Not only can throw pillows be inexpensive, they also can be used on sofas, beds, love seats, chairs couches and sectionals. On top of that they are very useful for adding the final touches within your living spaces.

12. Dividers: These can be used when you want to define one space from another. I think that dividers can add a nice touch and create privacy when changing from one outfit to the other. 

13. Baskets: You can use baskets for a variety of things like, for holding baked rolls, yarn, decorative items, toys, laundry and more. I love adding them throughout my living space.


14. Canisters: They can be used for storing flour, sugar, coffee, tea bags, dried beans, cookies or for whatever you want to use them for. Great additions to any kitchen.

15. Bath Mats: In my opinion, I think bath mats are ideal in any bathroom. Not only are they great for absorbing water from the bottom of your feet, they look very nice laid on the floor in front of the bathtub.

16. Ottomans: These are great for storage and can be easily placed in any room. The rattan made, woven, and leather like ottomans are what I like the best.

17. Desk and Chair: A desk and chair is the perfect combination for creating your personal workspace. Make sure that you measure the area so that you can get the appropriate size desk and chair to fit nicely within the space.

18. Coasters: These help to protect your tables from getting any drinkable liquid marks on your tables and counters. Coasters can come in a few shapes and colors. Choose the ones you want.

19. Candy Dish: I grew up seeing a candy dish in just about every home I visited. As a child I loved seeing them because that meant free candy for me. Candy dishes are inviting and are the perfect item for sharing candy with your family, friends, and guests. 

20. Feathers: I am referring to the large artificial feathers that fit in vases. I love the fact that they come in a variety of colors which makes it much easier to add them to a color scheme.

I hope you enjoyed the ideas I have presented you with. Hopefully this list of ideas will bring out your creative side. 

Until next time. Love Your Life.