Beautify Your Home With These: Part 3

50 Items To Beautify Your Home: Part 3: 21- 30

I have always felt that your home is a representation of you or an extension of yourself. I take pride in my living space and in the items I choose to reside with me in my living space.

Gone, are the days of picking items just because they fall under the latest trend category, or just because they are the pick of the day. I try not to choose items that are based solely on just what I like. Each item I choose, must also be beautiful and useful to me. 

In my opinion, I feel that decorative items should not look cheap even if you can get them at deeply discounted prices. I prefer to buy decor that displays quality and uniqueness. I also like to make sure that the cost of decorative items remain within my budget. 

Just below this paragraph, I have provided you with the third list of 10 items you can beautify your home with. If you choose to buy any of the items listed, make sure you get the very best for less.

21. Pillow Cases for Throw Pillows: Because they can come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and designs, it makes your job easier, especially when you want to change up and create a look that's fresh.

22. Shams for Bed Pillows: Something as simple as sliding a sham over a pillow can quickly change how you want your bed to look. Just like the pillow cases, they come in a variety of colors, fabrics and designs. Here's your chance to put your inner designer to work.

23. Candle holders: I used to be a serious collector of candle holders. To me, I preferred the slender ones made of colored glass or the silver ones. I thought they made quite a statement and I like how the color blended in with my color scheme.

24. Lamps: They basically serve two purposes. Lamps are decorative and they are used for lighting within the home. You have plenty of options when it comes to lamps. They can come in different styles, heights, and widths. You can buy one lamp at a time or in a set. I usually get more than one.

25. Foot Stools: Now, these are some very nice pieces to have. Not only are they usually made very well, you can stand on them when reaching for something, and they are still comfortable enough to rest your feet on.

26. Storage Trunks: I had one of these and I loved it. I used it as storage and as a coffee table. I liked the way it looked in my living room and it fit in nicely with my furniture and decor.

27. Trays: These are another one of my favorites. They are great to set snacks on while you're watching a movie. Trays make it easier to transfer lightweight items from one place to another within your living space. I prefer the wooden trays. 

28. Table Runners: I feel that these are good for coffee tables. They provide a layer of protection between the item you are placing on them and the coffee table. This way your coffee table does not end up with noticeable scratches and liquid rings on them. Table runners come in a variety of colors and prints. 

29. Calendars: I like the calendars that have beautiful pictures on every page. I think they make a great addition to this list because you get to see something of beauty every month. I like the calendars that are made to resemble scrolls. 

30. Clocks: Yes, I know that many have clocks on their cell phones, but I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting one in your house. I like the clocks that display roman numerals and the ones with regular numbers. Silver and black in my opinion and the colors that match mostly anything.

This concludes the third part of the list of: 50 Items To Beautify Your Home. I hope this list has helped you in some way. 

Until next time. Enjoy Loving Living Your Life.