How To Prepare For Your Next Trip

How To Prepare Your Next Trip

Part of what I have learned over the years is how I like to travel. To me,  it doesn't matter if I am going to the next town over or to another state. In my opinion when it comes to traveling, I just think that each trip should be planned out.

I like to start off by choosing the right piece of luggage. I personally don't like traveling with a whole lot of luggage because that is just too much to keep up with. Pulling more than one piece of luggage is just not happening for me. I prefer to travel as light as possible. 

I like a nice, stylish travel bag and a lightweight pocketbook that can fit inside my travel bag. To be honest, I can do without a suitcase unless I really, really need it.Most of the time I try not to make this complicated for myself. The easier, the better.

The next thing I want to do is choose the clothing I am going to wear. it would be a good idea to try to find out what the weather is going to be like. Then you try to estimate the type of clothing you should pack. This way you will not be taking along the pieces of clothing that are not needed.

I try to stay away as much as possible, from any clothing that is bulky, wrinkles easily, and is heavy. I like to choose pieces that I do not have to iron and are lightweight. I also like to include some extra pieces just in case the weather is not what I expected. I usually like to pack a lightweight jacket and a lightweight sweater that is warm enough to keep me from freezing and thin enough to keep the sun from burning me.

After I have packed the clothing I go on to footwear. I think that placing shoes in small plastic bags {they can be the plastic bags you get from grocery shopping} is a good idea because this will prevent anything from falling off onto your clothes. I prefer to go for shoes that are light weight, soft, and comfortable. This way they can be easily packed. 

If you need a pair of shoes to go with an outfit to complete your dressing up, you can always shop around when you get to your destination. 

Once my clothes and shoes have been packed, the next thing to pack is my toiletry bag. I begin this task by making sure that I have everything I need.  Then I make sure that each item is closed properly and will fit into the bag. I usually go for the travel sized items because they are the perfect size to travel with. 

The type of items you can get in travel size are toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, soap, lotion, makeup, nail care items, etc.

I believe that packing ahead of time is one less thing you would have to worry about on the day of. Waiting until the last minute {unless it's an emergency} to pack, will increase the chance of you not packing the most important things. Why? because you forget.

You can forget items like your eyeglasses, credit cards, tickets for traveling, keys, cell phone, cell phone charger, etc.

To ensure that I have everything I need, I recheck everything I packed the day before the day of travel, a few hours before I leave on the day of travel, and again 1 hour before I leave on the day of travel. I do this so I don't forget anything.

I think that traveling gives you a chance to see other places, meet people and create wonderful memories. But, when you are prepared to travel it puts you in better mood to enjoy your trip.

Until next time. Enjoy Loving and Living your Life.