How To Create The Home of Your Dreams

How To Create The Home of Your Dreams

In my opinion I feel that when you walk around your home, it should be the best place you prefer to be, especially after a long day of work. When you open your door, there should be a sigh of relief. I also feel that your work life should be left outside your door. A feeling of calmness comes over you, even if it's just for a few minutes, that is the feeling I have grown to love and appreciate.

As I have stated in some of my previous posts, your home is a direct reflection of you. With that being said , your home should look the way you want it to. In my opinion, there is no wrong way to decorate each living space within your home. I feel that your decor should include items you are fond of, items that you feel are beautiful (remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder), and items that help to create that feeling of  "Ah, I like everything I see". Not only is this important to you, it also helps in creating the natural flow that your body and mind is in tune with.

Pick any room in your home or living space and actually look at what that space looks like. Is it appealing to you (I'm not talking about the children's rooms because we all know that they can take a life of their own). Take a good look (not until you get a headache) at what you see and pay attention to how that makes you feel. Do you have a feel of something being out of sync? Or, are you getting a feeling of calmness as if everything in that space is flowing in tune with everything else? Okay, lets address both emotions.

The feeling of your flow being out of sync is spot on. Sometimes you cannot only go by what you see, your feelings or emotions are just as important as what you are envisioning. Just so you don't forget, remember how you felt before you entered that space. Now, you must address the issue because you are not going to feel comfortable until you do. 

You already know something is off, now you have to find out what that is. You can start by scanning the room and at the same time pay attention to what you are feeling. Use your feelings as a radar, as you are scanning that space, you are going to zero in on what is interrupting the natural flow within that space. 

Now you have two choices. You can either remove the item(s) from the space or you can use the item(s) as being the base for creating a fresh new look. All you have to do now is, choose which direction you want to go in.

That emotion of the "ah" feeling when you enter a space is, undeniably one of the best feelings because it's a true emotion and you cannot hide that. I say that to say this. That "ah" feeling is the feeling of being satisfied with your desired outcome. That is the feeling you want every time you create and finish each of your design home projects.

An "Endless Flow of Harmony" to me is defined as how the energy from your design flows from one space to another within the spaces of the home. When I speak of the flow of design, I am referring to how you style or decorate each space within your home. 

I think the best way to promote this type of energy is by thinking about what color you want to incorporate within the space. You can do this easily by looking at the last space you styled. From there, you can choose a color from your last design. It can be a color from your decor, furnishings or whatever color you choose. 

Your chosen color can be used as a starting point to create your design. The color can also guide you into choosing additional colors, patterns, prints, decor, and furnishings you would like to add within the space.   

In my opinion it really doesn't matter which room you want to give a fresh look to. The best way to begin the process is by deciding on which colors you want to use.

I want to thank you for stopping by. I hope that this post encourages you to try something new. 

Until Next Time, Love Living Your Best Life.