How To Use Flowers To Liven Up Your Space

How To Use Flowers To Liven Up Your Space

I remember when I was a child, my mother had a flower garden that she maintained very well. I also remember her picking the flowers she wanted to display, putting water in a vase and putting the flowers in the vase. I remember how pretty they looked sitting on the kitchen table. They seem to bring out all the best features of the room. I say this because I still feel the same way.

In my opinion, I feel that when you want to add flowers to any room or space, it's best to go with the type of flowers you are attracted to. You see, one of my favorite flowers is called Impatiens. I prefer this flower over so many others because they come in a variety of colors and grow beautifully. Impatiens also blend very well with other flowers too.

You can add flowers to just about any room or space within your home. They can be placed on tables, bookcases, shelves, night stands, counters, or whatever space you want to add flowers. Just make sure that the flowers you choose will flow well within the space, for you.

I like artificial flowers as much as I like the real ones. Both of them qualify when it comes to enhancing a space. 

Now before you even go out and buy the first petal, you can do an online search and see which flowers you really like. Make a list so that you will know exactly what type of flowers you are looking for. While you are doing your online search, pay attention to the colors you like as well. This way you will have a good idea on the type of flowers you want.

For me, when it comes to choosing real flowers, I would rather go into an actual store to see the flowers for myself. By doing this, I get an eye view of what the flowers actually look like. From there, I can decide on which colors I want to work with, the type of flowers  (example: roses, impatiens, carnations, lillies, etc.) I want, and the amount I wish to spend.

When you see flowers online, some of the images are not the actual color of flowers. They can be a shade lighter or darker especially when you compare the pictures of flowers to the real flowers.

Once I have chosen the flowers I want, the next thing I want to do is get some Flower Food. This food will help extend the life of my flowers by helping my flowers to bloom and remain fresh longer.

It's important to make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging of the Flower Food to ensure that you don't feed your flowers too much food. Over feeding your flowers can damage them and may shorten the length of time you have them.

After I feed and arrange my flowers in a vase, I make sure that I place them in an area where they will enhance that space. The best way to do this is by stepping back away from the space, in order to get a better view of how the flowers look within that space. Once I am satisfied, I am done.

There you have it. You don't have to do what I do. Do what works for you. 

Until Next Time, Enjoy Living and Loving Life.