How To Choose The Best Decor

In my opinion, the living room is usually the first space you see when entering most homes. I would want this space to look stylish, comfortable, and have a welcoming feel to it. The best way to accomplish this goal is by choosing the right items and placing each item, in the right spot.

As an example, I would like to discuss how the room is designed in the picture posted above. Yes this room is styled very nicely, but let's be real here. I would not be satisfied with this layout because it lacks enough space to freely move around.

I feel like if I was to enter this room, I would feel uncomfortable because the room is just too crowded. You can tell that space around the loveseat is quite tight. There is no way I wouldn't rub up against the wall or the curtains. I personally would need more room.

I did a Google search and looked up the loveseat online. From what I saw, the depth of the sides and seat of this piece are pretty deep. This in turn would mean that the loveseat is too big for the space it's in.

If this was my space, I would remove the wooden round table, the loveseat, the lamps, chandelier, the table behind the loveseat (I am assuming the lamps are placed on a table behind the loveseat), the throw carpet and start all over. All of those pieces would have to go!

I would have to have that space empty so I can visualize what would actually complement the space. This would help me to see how I would like to decorate that particular area.

In my opinion , I feel that the space has too many pieces that are the same colors throughout the space. There needs to be some color added to breakup those one tones. This will create a harmonious flow of energy, gently embracing the space.

Because this space is limited, I would go with furniture pieces that are a little slender in depth (Example: The seating area of the furniture still needs to be deep enough so that anyone can sit on it, comfortably) , a little more narrower in width (Example: The seating area of the furniture still needs to be wide enough so that anyone sitting, can have room to move around, freely) and (depending on what piece of furniture I would use) and taller (Example: In my opinion, I feel that the Lamps and lampshades need to be slimmer).

I am a believer in the "Move Around Freely" spaces because I do not like the feel of being too closed in. I don't like the feeling of consistently bumping into furniture, walls, corners (this is the worst), or anything that is placed in the way.

When I say placed in the way, I mean when furnishings and decor are placed in areas that can possibly become a hazard to moving around freely.

As I take another look at the photo above, the solutions are as follows:

  • Visualizing what the space could look like first.
  • Including furnishings that are slender in depth
  • Including furnishings that are narrower in width
  • Including furnishings that are taller in height
  • Including colorful decor that bring out the best overall look
  • Including rugs that compliment the wooden floor as well as the furnishings and decor
  • "Do Not Add Anything" that will overwhelm the space.

The idea is to turn your space into a great extension of you. When you do you will enjoy the space even more! I encourage you to "Not To Go With The Norm". Experiment and get a true feel of what you connect with. You will not be disappointed.

Until Next Time. Enjoy Living and Loving Your Life.