How To Compare Prices And Get The Best Deals

How To Compare Prices And Get The Best Deals

One of the tasks that actually comes natural for me, is finding the best deals for me. My best go to places for most of my comparisons are usually Walmart, Amazon and every now and then eBay.

The reason I prefer Walmart and Amazon is because both have online presences, they both have a variety of products in a variety of categories, the payment process is easy, they usually have what I may need or want, and they both deliver. 

When I am looking for something specific, just say for example, I am looking for Whipped Shea Butter. The first thing I am going to consider is how much I want to spend. Once I have decided on my price range, then I am going to look for my product.

Because I have sensitive combination skin, I would have to find out if the Whipped Shea Butter contains ingredients that I cannot use. This will help me narrow down which brand of Whipped Shea Butter I can actually use.

The only time I would repeat this process, is if both sites (Walmart and Amazon) do not have the same brand available, on both sites. 

After I have established the safest brand of Whipped Shea Butter I can use, my next step is to compare prices. This will ensure that I am getting a quality product for the best price.

I used to be quick to go for the cheapest price only to find out later, that I could not use the product because I failed to check out exactly what I needed first. This resulted in me throwing the product away or returning the product for a refund.

When I compare prices I include the taxes and the shipping and handling cost. This also helps me to finalize my decision on which product I should be paying for. 

When it comes to shipping, I try to make sure I find out just how long it will take my product to get to me. Depending on the product, I usually wait a couple of days after the product is due to arrive, before I call Walmart or Amazon. This way I can easily find out what is causing the delay.

After I have made my final decision, I just complete my order, pay for my purchase, and wait for my product to arrive.

I feel that when you compare prices and products, you end up not overspending and you end up with the product you want.

Until Next Time. Compare and Save.