What Makes Shea Butter An Excellent Beauty Product?

What Makes Shea Butter 
An Excellent Beauty Product?

Before I found out about Shea Butter, the only Shea Butter based products I used were a Shea Butter leave-in hair cream and a Shea Butter leave-in hair moisturizer. Both products had a very pleasant smell to them. But, it was the leave-in hair moisturizer that would cause so much shrinkage in my hair. My hair would appear to be so much shorter than it actually was. That was the reason that I stopped using that particular hair product.

Now let's fast forward to when I started using a better product. The type of Shea Butter I began to use was the whipped Shea Butter. The first thing that won me over was the consistency of the product. I liked how fast it would dissolve into a much lighter consistency when I rubbed it between my hands. This would make the Shea Butter so much easier to apply and moisturize my skin. 

Before I go any further, I would like to answer this question. What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is a fat extracted from the nuts of the shea tree. It is solid at warm temperatures and has an off-white or ivory color. Its creamy consistency is easy to spread on your skin. Shea trees are native to West Africa, that’s why most of the shea butter still comes from that region (Africa Imports).

I prefer to use the whipped Shea Butter because it has a nice smell, it's softer and it's less difficult to use.

I learned that when I massage it through my hair, it makes my hair feel much softer and easier to manage. I also noticed that the Shea Butter would enhance the natural shine of my hair which would make my hair shinier. 

Rather than just voice my opinions and experiences, I did some research to further find out how Shea Butter can be used. After reading the information, it helped me to realize that when it comes to caring for the skin, it's still so important to use a natural skincare product that nurtures, protects, and heals the skin.

I cannot deny the fact that Shea Butter does come with some major benefits. These benefits are the same reasons why I will not exclude Shea Butter from my skincare routine because:

1. Shea Butter Has a High Concentration of Vitamins

Shea Butter naturally contains vitamins A and E  (African Imports, n.d.).

2. Shea Butter Has Natural Healing Properties

Raw shea butter helps heal scars, burns, bruises, and stretch marks (African Imports, n.d.). 

3. Shea Butter Can Be Used To Condition The Hair

Shea Butter is, "An ideal hair conditioner that protects the scalp from sores and rashes (African Imports, n.d.)"

4. Shea Butter Strengthens Fingernails and Toenails

Shea Butter, "Fortifies cuticles and nails (African Imports, n.d.)". 

5. Shea Butter Heals and Conditions The Skin

Shea Butter, "Prevents irritation, and restores skin natural luster after shaving (African Imports, n.d.)".

Another characteristic that I like about Shea Butter is the fact that when you mix an oil like olive oil with it, it becomes a little thinner, creamier and even more easier to work with. That made me become an even bigger fan of this product. 

From my experience using the Whipped Shea Butter, I like the fact that it is a natural product that has multiple uses. I cannot say what your results will be if and when you use this product. I can only share  my experiences using Shea Butter. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I hope it has been helpful.
Until next time, Enjoy Loving and Loving life.


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