Why Money Should Matter To You

Why Money Should Matter To You

I really don't know how you may feel about money, but I feel that money is more than just a need. It is a necessity. Being that money is a need, wouldn't it make sense to learn all that you can about it? So why not do yourself a tremendous favor and learn what you need to do, in order to choose the best options for making your money work for you.

To me, money is very important because of the many opportunities that are connected to it. Without money, ask yourself where would you be? Money helps you get what you need as well as what you want. Having money makes the difference between you having and not having. The use of money can help you to accumulate more money. In order to make any type of progress in life Money must be viewed differently.

I was never taught anything about money or even how to even manage it. I spent a lot of money without thinking about the end result. This behavior led to many unpaid bills and bad credit.  Little did I know {back then}, I had created a very uncomfortable life. 

The matters of money should be introduced, reintroduced, and discussed. The discussion should be approached calmly with the intention of reviewing your finances, making a plan or following your existing plan for your finances, and exploring how you can help your money grow.

To engage in an argument about money does not benefit anyone, and it will not change what already has been done. Instead of dwelling on the "what should of been" about your money matters, you can take the more positive route and come up with solutions that will lead you into choosing the best ways your money can be used.

When you go against what your gut feeling is telling you about your money, you are doing yourself harm. The reason I say this is because you are no longer feeling comfortable about your finances and this is where the stress can come in. You can change this outcome, and this is how. If you are uncomfortable with any money advice you come across, follow your instincts and look into something else.

The basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter, and health care, must be covered in order to live an adequate life. The only way each necessity can be obtained is by paying for each one. It takes money to ensure that you can have all of that. 

When you take the stress out of the discussion of money, you can get more accomplished.

The reality is, we need money in order to live the best of our lives.

"The amount of money you make will determine the type of lifestyle you will live". That statement in itself speaks volumes and hopefully it is helping you to visualize the clearest picture on where you need your finances to be.

In my opinion, it really doesn't matter where you are in life. Money Matters. You cannot make any purchase transaction without it. So how are you going to treat yours? My answer is better because financially, I know where I need to be.

I thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post. I hope it has been helpful and enlightening in some way. 

Until next time, Enjoy Loving and Living Your Life.