Complimenting Colors Can Enrich Any Room

Complimenting Colors Can Enrich Any Room

Have you ever entered a room and became instantly confused because you couldn't decide, if that was, what you were actually seeing? Or, why on earth, were there so many different shades of different colors in one space? You don't know what to say. You don't know what to think because you are trying to get past all those colors slapping you in the face!

All you can do is muster up enough energy to say "Hey, How are you doing?" But before you know it, without almost any effort, your eyes are quickly drawn back to everything that has just taken place! You don't mean to keep looking away but, you can't help it because your brain and your eyes are trying to put together a group of colors that won't save you from getting a headache!

Then you try not to be too distracted, so you try to look down, but who would have thought that the floor you walked in on, would remind you of how beautiful a hardwood floor is? It is within that moment you realize, "Whew! That was too close. My sanity is back!

Many do not realize what they do to themselves and others when there are way too many colors within a space. It can be stressful, a little confusing and too many colors can cause your head to ache. Nobody wants that.

In my opinion, I think that people should be warned about a million colors being in a space way ahead of time. This way the ones who have been invited can prepare their eyes and their heads before they enter such a colorful place. Hint: Sunglasses or Shades would be nice. I'm just saying.

Another point to make is this one. When there are way too many colors within a space, there is no color scheme! The colors are just there, standing out from one another, and just waiting to be matched up with other colors that actually compliment them. 

I still believe that it's a good idea to bring colors into any living space. I also think that when you decorate, you should take care in the colors you choose, and the amount of colors you use. By doing this you can accomplish a few tasks at the same time.

  1. You are paying attention to the colors you intend to use.
  2. You are recognizing which colors compliment and go well together.
  3. By keeping your color choices to a minimum, you are ensuring that your chosen area will not cause an overwhelming effect.

Now while we are the subject of colors, this would be the perfect time to introduce the colors that I think would compliment any room in your overall living space.

Use Complimenting Colors To Enrich Any Room

In my opinion, when you are creating the style you want, the best go-to match-up should be dark colors with lighter colors, dark colors with neutral colors, and dark colors can work with some pastel colors. At the end of the day, it is you who will be looking at the colors you have chosen. So choose the colors that match-up well together and are visually appealing to you.

Start With The Dark Color First

1. Black: 

Black goes well with any color. It doesn't matter what color you choose. I guess that's why it can be considered as a neutral color. I included black in this category because it is also a dark color.

2. Blue:

I usually go for the darker shades of blue. The darker the better. I find that the darker blues are easy to work with because of the amount of colors you can match each dark shade with. The darker blues are also my favorite colors.

3. Green:

When I decorate with green I tend to go for the darker shades of the olive greens and much darker shades of the hunter greens. I like to use these colors with black, cream, and some of the neutral colors. 

4. Orange:

Even though I am a fan of orange, I like lighter shades of orange on flowers for flowers. I like to use the darker shades of like burnt orange and the rust shade of orange.

5. Red:

The darker shades of the reds are much more appealing to me. I find these shades can be used  without being overpowering. I like using these shades of reds with black and the medium shades of the neutral colors like tan, taupe, beige, ivory and the darker grays.

6. Purple:

Now this is a color that I like in the darker shades as well. I like to use this color with black, gray, white, and more. The darker shades of purple in opinion can bring a touch of richness in a space.

7. Brown: 

Depending on the shade of brown, this color matches well with certain shades of the woods, rattans, and wickers. Brown also goes quite well with many shades of tan, which is also a neutral color.

Neutral Colors Compliment Darker Colors

The colors I tend to match-up with the darker colors are as follows;

  1. White & Off White
  2. Eggshell & Vanilla
  3. Cream & Ivory
  4. Lighter Shades of Tan 
  5. Multiple Shades of Beige, 
  6. The Softer Lighter Shades of Gray
  7. and Taupe
This concludes my take on the Matching of Colors. I hope this article has been interesting and enjoyable.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Living and Loving Life.