Top 7 Benefits of Using Vitamin E Oil

I cannot remember exactly when I started using Vitamin E Oil, but I do remember the reasons why I became a fan of this amazing, healing product.  

I remember some time back I was frying chicken and some of the oil popped out as the chicken was frying and landed on my left hand. My hand felt like it was on fire. I blotted the oil of my hand and let cool water run over my hand until the pain subsided enough so I could see what my hand looked like. 

The came back almost instantly. I noticed that the burns on my three fingers, (it was my pointer, middle, and ring fingers) on my left hand, started to form what looked like small bubbles.  One bubble on each finger. I was like, "what in the world is going on here?" I remember seeing these burns turn into blisters. 

Once I realized what was going on, I was wondering, "What can I put on these burns before they get worse?" I looked in my medicine cabinet and saw that I had Vitamin Oil Capsules. I opened the bottle, poured a few capsules out on the coffee table,  poked a whole in one of them, and I started rubbing vitamin e oil on my fingers. 

All I know is that each time I applied the Vitamin E Oil to my burns, it felt soothing and the degree of pain that I was experiencing,  I also noticed that my burns began healing, The blisters became smaller and smaller until they disappeared. 

I was using the Vitamin E Oil about three to four times a day until my burns had totally disappeared. If you saw my hand today, you wouldn't believe that my fingers were ever burned.

Top 7 Benefits of Using Vitamin E Oil

By using the Vitamin E Oil to heal the burns on my hand, convinced me that this oil is a natural healer, and it is a natural product that I can use on my skin. According to Blue Cliff College (2023), these are the 7 benefits that you can get from using Vitamin E Oil.

1. Great Lip Protector

Because of Vitamin E’s soothing and hydrating properties, it serves as a great barrier to your lips (, 2003). 

2. Skin Moisturizer

By applying a small amount of Vitamin E oil to your skin daily, you will notice visible changes in the look and feel of your skin (, 2003).

3. Calms Inflammation of the Skin

The anti-inflammatory effects of Vitamin E can help with swelling or redness of your skin (, 2003). 

4. Protects Skin From UV Rays

Vitamin E is known to be effective for photoprotection. This means that it will protect your skin from the harmful, skin-damaging effects of radiation from UV light (, 2003). 

5. Heals Wounds

You may be surprised to learn that Vitamin E may also support healing wounds or burns on the skin. That’s because Vitamin E alters your connective tissue growth factor and controls your gene expression (, 2003).

6. Reducer of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Since Vitamin E does wonders for dry skin, it is also beneficial for reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots (, 2003).

7. Improves Nails

Not only is Vitamin E great for the skin, but it can also help repair damaged nails (, 2003).

In my opinion I think it is always best to use natural products that improve the health of your skin. If it was not for me seeing and going through the actual healing process myself, I would have never known just how beneficial Vitamin E Oil could be. 

I hope this post has been helpful to you in some way. 

Until Next Time, Enjoy Loving and Living Life.

Blue Cliff College. (2023, April 13). How to Incorporate Vitamin E Into Your Skincare Routine.