Visualize Your Space Before You Decorate

Visualize Your Space Before You Decorate 

In my opinion, I believe when it comes to decorating, visualization is key. When you look at each space, what do you see beyond what's already, actually there? Try imagining that you are standing in your space surrounded by all the things you like. Now, concentrate on those things until you get a clear picture of what each item looks like. By doing this you are defining what your decorating style is.

You can also go into stores and look in the sections that are specifically for the home. Walk through each aisle and see what items capture your attention. By doing this simple exercise, you are finding out the designs that you are attracted to.

When you find out what you like, it makes it all that much easier to create a space that is perfectly aligned with you.

After you have pinpointed what your taste is, your next step is to go back into each space and see what it is you need to change. Because you have envisioned each space, it will be much easier to spot exactly which items are not in alignment with you.

It can be something as simple as the color that can throw you off. You can change the color by switching out the curtains, coverings for chairs, cushions and pillows, and painting. There is no need to feel out of sync when there are simple fixes that can bring you a little more happiness.

For example, artificial flowers are not that expensive and they can bring the desired color within a space. Because they come in so many different shades of colors, you can create flower arrangements based on your color scheme or you can use them to brighten up any space.

Another example of an easy fix is the rearranging of furniture. When you rearrange furniture it needs to make sense. Arranging furniture for the sake of having it placed within a space is not enough. There needs to be a balance so that everything is flowing nicely within that space.

When your furnishings are not placed in the best area of the space, that interrupts the creative flow of that space. I know this because I have experienced it. Your senses let you know when something is off.

Your home is a direct reflection of you. How you style it should be based on what you like and the energy you want to feel.  Your home should be the space that relaxes and comforts you. It should be the place you like the best.

I hope this post has been a help to you in some way. Thank you for stopping by. 

Until Next Time, Enjoy Living Your Life