Where To Get A Better Credit Builder Credit Card

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Your credit score can be the deciding factor in getting approved for quite a few things like, renting an apartment, leasing a car, buying a house, obtaining lines of credit and even getting loans. The good news is that it's not impossible to get these things with low credit scores, but you just have to be prepared to pay a much higher interest rate. 

You can always choose to build up your credit scores by getting credit building credit cards. If you do an online search looking for these types of credit cards, I am sure quite a few options will pop up. But for the moment, I can save you from doing at least one online search. 

The card I would like to discuss is the Chime Credit Builder VisaⓇ Credit Card.

The Chime Credit Builder VisaⓇ Credit Card, is a secured credit card. This card can help you build your credit by making purchases and making on time monthly payments (paying bills on time). 

Chime Credit Builder VisaⓇ Credit Card

In order to qualify Chime Credit Builder VisaⓇ Credit Card, according to Chime (n.d,), you would need to:

  • Open an Chime Checking account.
    • This will include your bank account that can be tied to your card.
  • Receive a Qualifying Direct Deposit of $200.00
Please Note: You must Receive That $200.00 Qualifying Direct Deposit Before you are Eligible for Chime's Credit Builder.

I can honestly say, I have not had any issues with Chime or with using their credit builder credit card. Based on my experience, my direct deposits have always been there 2 days earlier just like they said it would be. I can also send and receive money with no problems. That means a lot to me.

Benefits of Having A Chime Credit Builder Card

Remember in order to sign-up for Chime Credit Builder, you have to sign-up for a chime Checking Account first. According to Chime (n.d.), here are the benefits of having a Chime Checking Account.

  • Chime Checking Account Offers:
    • A Chime Visa Debit Card
    • No Monthly Fees
    • Access To Over 60,000 In-Network ATMs
    • Getting Paid Up to 2 Days Earlier With Direct Deposit
    • A High Yield Savings Account {2.00 Annual Percentage Yield} (Chime.com).
You can apply for a Chime Savings Account after you open a Chime Checking Account

Once you have your Chime Checking Account in place, your next step is to make sure you receive a direct deposit of $200.00 in that same Chime Checking account. Based on what I have read on Chime's Blog (n.d.), this is what Credit Builder consists of.
  • Chime Credit Builder Card Offers:
    • No Annual Interest Rates
    • No Credit Check
    • No Minimum Security Deposit
    • Spot Me Program: Overdraft Protection: Optional 
    • An Opportunity To Build Your Credit
    • Access to Send and Receive Money
    • Security of Your Deposits Through the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation}. (Chime.com).

I like the fact that I can withdraw money at any one of their ATM spots, without paying any fees! Plus, that same amount of money can go right into my savings account. That's a nice option to have.

Chime has always been very helpful. They go above and beyond to help me with any issues I may have and they send me alerts to make sure everything is alright with my cards and accounts. To me that says a lot.

So if you are still interested in building your credit in short period of time, the Chime Credit Builder VisaⓇ Credit Card could be just the Opportunity, you are looking for.

I hope this post has been insightful. 

Until Next Time. Enjoy Living and Loving Life.


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