The Beauty In A Home-based Business


The Beauty In Having A Home-based Business

There are many who aspire to start and have a business of their own. I cannot blame them because it is a dream that is worth achieving. Here are my reasons why I also, have always liked this concept.

  1. I like the fact the place to work is in one's home.
  2. Everything related to work would be easier to get to and maintain.
  3. There is no commute to worry about.
  4. A comfortable work setting can help one to be more productive.
  5. A flexible work schedule can be used to adjust the hours to work.
  6. It can be a lot less stressful than having a 9 to 5 job. 
  7. It can be a great way to experience working for yourself.
  8. You can create more time to spend with family and friends.
  9. I like the potential it has for increasing your income.

So what do you call a person who works from home? Well, I came across this unfamiliar term called "homepreneur." I had no idea that this word even existed. According to Collin's online dictionary, a homepreneur is, 

"An entrepreneur who creates and manages a home based business (Collins, 2024)". 
Submitted By: Unknown - 15/01/2013
Status: This word is being monitored for evidence of usage (Collins, 2024).

I thought I liked this word (homepreneur) when I read it and heard myself say it in my head. But, when I actually heard the pronunciation of homepreneur, I said to myself, "I'd rather use the term "home-based entrepreneur" instead.

Just in case you do not know, a home-based entrepreneur, in my opinion, is a person who has created a business that is based, maintained, and is operating from one's home. I guess when you think about it, many people fall under that definition, and yes that includes me too.

Now, I am not going to tell you that having a home-based business is all fun and games because it is not. As with any business, there are going to be some things you do not want to do. But for me, I look at those tasks as being part of a puzzle. Each piece that I put in place is like the completion of a task. When I look at it this way, for me, each task becomes easier to complete.

Blogging to me, is a great way to start a home-based business and generate a nice income and it's one of the easiest businesses to start. It is not for the faint at heart, but neither is any business that you start. It takes time to build it up and so does any business you want to build. I feel that you have to decide if you feel blogging is worth it before you start.

I want you to remember something. Wherever you are in life, do not think that you are not worthy of wanting more out of life. Because you are. Dreams are created for a reason. They are made to inspire, guide, motivate, and encourage you to do what you are supposed to do. 

Until Next Time, Enjoy Loving and living Life.


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