When You Know Change Is Good

When You Know Change Is Good

Ever wonder why there are moments when you simply can not seem to put your finger on what is going on inside of you? You are doing OK physically and mentally, but there is something there that you just can not quite put your finger on. You do not feel scared or anxious; you just want to know what it is.

You go back in time and try to recall when you first felt this way. Then you begin to wonder, "What was happening that day?" You begin to ask yourself, "What was I going through?" You go a little further and ask yourself, "What was I doing that day?" and suddenly it seems as though a waterfall of memories is pouring back into your head, replaying everything that happened that day.

This was the day that you decided to speak to "Our Heavenly Father". You told Him about everything that you had been going through. You asked Him for guidance and a better understanding about what He wants you to do, because at that time, you were a bit confused.

Then you cried out to Him in a whisper. You said that you had enough of being surrounded by the nonsense and you no longer wanted to tolerate it. At the same time, you realized, it was you who invited foolishness into your life. Right then, within that moment, you knew something had to change. 

From that day forward, you made it your business to pray and talk with "Our Heavenly Father" daily because it made you feel loved, it puts you in a better frame of mind, it makes you calmer, and it creates a greater level of happiness.

Then, everything started piecing itself together and falling into place. You had figured out that you were changing for the better every single day. 

Since we are not flawless, we must always keep in mind that being the best version of ourselves requires learning and development over time. It will be worthwhile to include "Our Heavenly Father" as we gain a greater awareness of ourselves.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Living and Loving Life.