Why A Multi Topic Blog Makes Sense

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Why a Multi Topic Blog Makes Sense

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it.

Let me begin by emphasizing that this post is based solely on my personal experiences and thoughts. With that said, let us get started.

I will begin by asking, "Do I feel that a blog should be built on one niche? I believe it can be started that way, but I don't feel that's where it should remain. A one niche blog, in my opinion, is a sure way to run out of topics to talk about. Eventually, you will need another idea to engage in.

I knew that a one-niche blog would not really represent who I am, and I did not want to start my blog that way. I also did not want to place myself in that kind of box or confinement; I needed the ability to express myself whenever and however I want, and a lifestyle blog gives me that.

There are many things I enjoy that are a part of my daily life. A blog, in my opinion, is the best way to express my ideas into relatable content. I believe that what I am interested in, qualifies as a multitude of subjects that are helpful to others, and can only be delivered uniquely from me. 

We must come to the understanding that individually, people are not the same. There will never be a one-size-fits-all approach that genuinely works because, when you work with creative minds, you are working with perfectly made gifts that "Our Heavenly Father" gave us to be creative with. 

Do not get me wrong; we can accomplish the same things, but individually, when it comes to what you do and how you do it, there will always be some variations in the methods used that causes the methods themselves to be changed. But, the end result will be the same.

With that being said, I can understand why so many newbie bloggers become confused because they are entering a territory they are unfamiliar with. We are failing them if we do not fully explain to them, that other options are available besides a blog that is based on a single niche.

To illustrate my point, I want to use my blog as an example. My blog is called B. Elainen Styles and it has the following tabs.

Natural Beauty is about caring for the skin with natural skincare products.

Style of Fashion is about helping others discover their own style of fashion.

Styling Spaces helps others redefine and redecorate their living spaces

Product Reviews give my perspective on the products I have purchased.

Spots To Shop is a recommended list of links to sites where visitors can shop

Blogger Helper consists of Blogging Tips to help those interested in blogging and creating better content.

Money Matters offers tips on the best ways to manage money.

Gratitude displays information related to what I am thankful for and how to be thankful.

Motivational offers motivational quotes and messages to help others to focus on their goals.

Visions of Wealth is my online vision board which encourages others to create vision boards that closely resemble what they envision.

The next question to ask is, "How are all these subjects related?" Since all of these subjects are connected to my everyday life, I believe that each subject is related to one another through their use and the actual activities that I partake in. Yes, I am aware that these activities do not happen simultaneously, but they are all connected to being commonalities that people can relate to on a daily basis.

I think about how people relate, and interact with one another. They ask questions and wait for the best opportunity to bring the next subject up. Sometimes all it takes is the repetition of a relatable word to open the door for the next conversation to take place. For this reason, I believe that a multi-topic blog should have topics that are related in order to make sense to the audience it's intended to attract.

So... the final question is,"Do I think a Multi Topic blog makes sense?" As a lifestyle blogger, yes I do, and I think that it is one of the finest ways to share your journey while offering advice and expressing your thoughts.

I appreciate the time you spent reading this post. I hope it has been helpful in some way.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Loving and Living Life.