The True Benefits of Olive Oil

The True Benefits of Olive Oil 

When I look back in time, I can recall that my mother used olive oil when I was little. Up until I was much older, I never gave the purpose of it much thought.  

However, I do remember that once, when I had an earache, my mother applied olive oil. I also recall experiencing that earache for a brief while. My ear ache probably did not last more than a few days, if I were to guess. Maybe three days.

As far as my own usage of olive oil is concerned, I have not had any allergic reactions, breakouts, or anything like. I can only speak positively about this.

I will just talk about my experiences using it, my thoughts, and the outcomes. These are as follows:

  • I treat my hair with it as a hot oil therapy. To make the olive oil feel nice while I rub it through my hair, I merely make sure it is warm. For as long as I think it is necessary, I leave it in. I then rinse it out and use a leave-in conditioner after that.
  • I use it for cooking. I like to cook using olive oil because I think it makes food taste better, especially when it is fried or sautéed. I also enjoy using it in my meat marinade sauces because I think it adds just the right amount of flavor and tenderness to the meats to enhance my dinners.
  • I sometimes use it (when my body is still wet) just after my shower. My preference is to apply the olive oil, let it sit for a short while, and then remove it with a cloth. My skin feels softer as a result. In order to prolong the moisturizing effect beyond a few hours, I continue to use a little skin moisturizer afterward.
  • Olive oil works well for me when it comes to my fingernails and toenails. It improves the appearance of my nails, which I appreciate. It keeps my fingernails strong, healthy, and glossy while also enhancing their natural appearance.
I have conducted my own studies on olive oil throughout the years. I have discovered that there are specific olive oils you may use for cooking. I just use ordinary olive oil for cooking. Generally, the oil's recommended cooking method should be listed on the bottle's label.

When it comes to taking care of my skin, nails, and hair, I like to use extra virgin olive oil because it works wonders for my hair, encourages strong nails, and soothes and moisturizes my skin. I cannot just choose to disregard any of these facts. 

Now, I cannot guarantee it will work the same for you, you can still give olive oil a try and see how it suits you. This way, you are able to use it however you see fit.

I hope you found this post useful and that it inspired you to read more about the advantages of olive oil so you can use what you know to make an informed choice. 

Until next time, Enjoy Loving and Living Life.