(6x7 Meters) Modern Tiny House Design | 2 Bedrooms House Tour

I saw this Tiny House design on YouTube. I have to say I am really impressed with the entire layout. My first thought was what a beautiful design. I had to watch the entire video because I didn't want to miss anything. I really enjoyed this Tiny House tour.

Once the tour went inside the Tiny House, the first thing I noticed was the floors. The wooden floors were really beautiful. When you have nice floors, it makes it all that much easier to decorate the rest of the house. In my opinion the color of the floors was also a great choice.

The Front Exterior: The front of the house was very nice. I thought the bench, the plants, the planters, and the shrubbery was a very nice touch. It gave me an inviting feel. I like the entire porch area and I thought that design made good use of this space. 

The Kitchen Area: I thought the kitchen was actually very nice. The design is a great example of how the space can be used. It had plenty of cabinets for storage, the right amount of counter space, table, and chairs. The kitchen included everything someone would need in this area.

The Bathroom: Even though, I like how the bathroom was designed, I still feel that it is smaller than I would like. In my opinion, I feel that a bathroom is the one room, that I would need that extra space to move around freely. Because of all the hard surfaces that you normally find in a bathroom, I would appreciate that extra space to ensure I don't bump into anything. Other than that concern, I still think the design of the bathroom also makes a good use of space.

First Bedroom: I looked at this space more than once. I think the bedroom is quite nice. I had enough space for everything one could need. It has a bed that is by the wall. Beside the bed is a nightstand which also adds a nice touch. There is a lot more space in front of the closet which is perfect for hanging and storing clothes. I still think that a good use of space was presented quite well.

Second Bedroom: There is not too much that I can say about this design because it's exactly like the first bedroom. I can actually imagine people living in this Tiny House. It's gorgeous.

All I can say is Five Stars to the designer. What a beautiful Tiny House Design.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Loving and Living Life.