The Mt. Kilimanjaro by Tiny Mountain Houses

Mt. Kilimanjaro Tiny House

Facebook Post: December 4, 2016

This is a pretty nice Tiny House inside. I like the floors, the living and kitchen area, the bathroom isn't too bad and the loft is very spacious. I even like the way it looks on the outside too. Not bad at all. Could this be a Tiny House you could get used to?

Update on Post: May 25, 2024

After reviewing the pictures again almost ten years later, I still kind of feel the same way. I still love the layout but, I am still not a fan of the lofts (my personal taste). That still does not mean that this build would not be perfect for someone else.

I would definitely add on a few more feet because I would want my bedroom on the same floor. A ladder to the loft is not something I would choose. Besides those two things, I still think it a beautiful build. Five Stars to the designer and builder.

If this is the kind of Tiny House you like, you should check it out. you never know, maybe it could be something you are looking for.

If you would prefer to see pictures, just click the Tiny House Talk link below.

Tiny House Talk