Is The Tiny House Movement Still Popular?

Photo By Jed Owen on Unsplash

Is The Tiny House Movement Still Popular?

Facebook Post: August 14 2015
Updated: May 25, 2024

Hello Everyone,

Glad you are here. I want to talk to you about a movement that has grown a lot in popularity over the last ten years.It's called The Tiny House Movement. This is nothing new. Tiny Houses have been around for hundreds of years. This time more people are seeing and taking notice of what is actually going on.

I didn't know anything about the Tiny House Movement until a few months ago. I liked what I saw and what I read. I needed to know more. So I did my own research.

Here's my point of view. The Tiny House Movement is about living with less in order to gain more. Ask yourself this question. What kind of lifestyle do you want to live? I am not saying you should give up everything you have worked so hard for and live in something that's way too small. We should take a better path than that. I am not saying that you should keep everything and live in something so big that it takes too much time to care for. That isn't fun either. Can we approach this subject sensibly?

I have seen many tiny houses or homes {on the Internet} that are very beautiful. I have seen shows showing people giving up a lot of things that meant a lot to them. That was kind of tough to watch. People, there has got to be a better way.

Of course there are choices you have to make before getting a tiny house. Like:

  1. Don't buy or build your house on an impulse. Think about it. 
  2. Find out everything you need to know first. Make sure the house you buy or build is designed the way you want it to be.  
  3. Make sure you have adequate space to freely move around. 
  4. If your city, county, village or state requires you to hook-up, hook-up. You still can use alternative methods. You can use your utilities that are hooked--up as your back-up. You never know what may happen. I am only saying this so you will be protected from unnecessary hurt. 
  5. Make sure the land you buy is land that can be built on and is zoned for utilities. If there is a minimum size for building, build accordingly. Most of all, build what you like.

There is a lack of affordable housing. Shelter is supposed to protect us from the outside elements like cold and extreme heat. What are we as a people supposed to do when all that we have worked so hard for, is getting further and further beyond our grasp? What's wrong with people seeing a bright light at the end of the tunnel? Who wants to keep paying high ass rents and being locked down to 30 year mortgages? 

Tell me why is this so-called American Dream becoming a never ending nightmare for so many? Who really wants to sign-up for a 30 year payment contract. That's about half of your life! You can pay for a smaller house in a much shorter period of time.

Let's get rid of all the baggage. Let us start saving and start owning. Let's educate ourselves. We can find ways to eliminate our own debt. Let's surround ourselves with freedom and beauty. This is how life can be, if you want it.

The Tiny House Movement is something special and it looks like it's not slowing down anytime soon. Can it be the answer to affordable housing, maybe, but there are still people who cannot afford to buy or build Tiny Houses too. 

If obtaining a better quality of life by living with less is what people are after, then there are few options they can choose from. 

Just below, I made a list of a few options you can explore. This way you can see if any of them are a fit for you.

  1. Tiny Houses On Wheels
  2. Tiny Houses On Foundations
  3. Small Houses
  4. Converting Skoolies Into Living Spaces (school buses)
  5. Yurts
  6. Converting Vans Into Living Spaces
  7. Trailers/Mobile Homes
  8. Studio Apartments
  9. Converting Garages Into Living Spaces
  10. Small Cabins
  11. Small Beach Houses
  12. Cottages
  13. RVs
  14. Converting Box Trucks Into Living Spaces

The Tiny House Movement has definitely changed my way of thinking and through the ideas that it presents, makes a lot of sense to me. I feel that the idea of living with less in order to gain more in a positive sense, is the best way to attain the lifestyle you want. To me, it creates a sense of freedom that so many need.

As of today, I still feel that the Tiny House Movement is just as strong as it ever was. With the cost of living steadily rising, I can see why so many are looking for better living alternatives. Tiny Houses can help with that. 

I define The Tiny House Movement as the process of downsizing to live simply within a smaller space. When you think about it, if downsizing can lead to a better life, why not look at Tiny Living as an option? I am not saying that you have to buy or build a Tiny House, but I also don't see the logic in anyone overloading themselves with bills they don't need.

In my opinion, The Tiny House Movement needs to be fully accepted and recognized nationwide because housing should be accessible for all. I also believe that The Tiny House Movement will continue to grow and help more people come to the realization that owning a home can become a reality. They just have to be willing, to give up the things that are just, not necessary.

Until Next Time. Enjoy Living and Loving Life.