Seven Things I Like About My Blog

Blogging still has its special place online, in my opinion, and is worth the effort. Blogging allows me to voice my opinions on a range of topics in my own space, which is what I enjoy most about it. With the help of my blog, I have a platform to easily share with my readers my ideas, perspectives, and experiences. 

This blog post does contain affiliate links. I make money when readers purchase items through my links

Seven Things I Like About My Blog

I have found blogging to be a great source of inspiration for me. I like the fact that I can sit down, think about what I want to write about, and start typing everything out on my blog. 

1. My Blog Is Free. 
I could have gone with other platforms, but I prefer the Blogger blogs because it's just easier for me to work with. I know their blogs don't have all the bells and whistles and I am okay with that. 

2. Customizing My Blog 
The second thing that I like about my blog is the fact that I can customize it the way I want. I can add: 

  • background pictures 
  • change the colors of my blog
  • organize my widgets on my sidebar
  • as many pages as I need
  • labels to my posts to help keep them organized
  • customize my share buttons
I can also change the fonts and its sizes for 
  • the title of my blog, 
  • the title of my posts, 
  • the widgets in the sidebar of my blog, the date 
  • the tabs for my pages
Plus there are a few more things that I can do like add html to get the results I want.

3. Adding Domain Names To My Blog.
I like the fact that I could easily purchase a domain name and quickly add that same domain name to my blog from Google Domains or Namecheap. I have bought domain names from both companies, and I was completely satisfied with their services. 

I know that I could have used the subdomain from Blogger, but I was not crazy about my blog domain ending in I preferred a domain name to give my blog a more complete look.

4. Ease of Access To My Blog. 
I like having multiple ways to access my blog online. I can access it on my phone and see how it looks. this helps me see right away if there are changes I need to make so my blog can be easily accessed by my readers.

I prefer to access my blog on my Chromebook because the screen is much bigger than my phone and I can see everything much better. When I am working with a bigger screen, I can get a larger view of my blog and I can also check for any mistakes that I might have missed with my phone.

5. Blogger Immediately Saves My Drafts. 
There have been times when I have had to close my Chromebook while I was typing a blog post. Sometimes I would be gone for a few hours at a time. It really depended on what I had to get done.

When I would return, everything that I had typed would be saved. I could either start from where I left off, or I could make the changes I wanted and continue typing my post. I like this feature because it saves me a lot of time from starting all over again. 

6. Adding Pictures My Blog Posts. 
I am a visual person. I adore adding images to my blog posts, especially the longer ones. To ensure that my viewers enjoy looking at my images, I want to make sure the pictures are a nice size. This way they can connect with the images while they are reading.

7. I Can Make Money From My Blog. 
I don't know how many bloggers are making money online, this is not an easy thing to do. I have not been blogging consistently but, I have been blogging since September 30, 2022. I am going to make a conscious effort and see if I can make this work.

The methods I will be using to make money online, is through Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and I will start selling digital products as well. 

I am still learning everything I can about blogging and how to make money at the same time. I'm not willing to give up right now because I think that this can work.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Living and Loving Life.

This blog post does contain affiliate links. I make money when  readers purchase items through my links.