Why It's Time To Change Our Minds

Why It's Time To Change Our Minds

I thought about this matter for quite some time and I wondered why I hadn't said anything about this publicly before. Well, here it goes. I am a Brown Skinned American who is classified as Black (which has never been accurate, so I don't have to be that), and African American (I feel that is not an accurate description either, so I don't have to claim that if I don't want to). I was not born in Africa. I was born in the United States of America. Therefore I am an American citizen. 

I have seen more racial discrimination personally, online and on T.V. then I care to remember or discuss because as for those who look like me, this is nothing new. So many people in other races and cultures say they are not racist, but it comes out when uncomfortable or unexpected situations arise. This country still allows mistreatment in a variety of forms on so many levels to my people. Then they have the audacity to act as if we should not respond. Standing up for ourselves is what we are supposed to do.

I believe the reason so many of my people within the younger generations are responding the way they are is because they are so tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, and the offenders are hardly facing any consequences for their actions. They are so tired of hearing the same old talk about everyone being treated equally, especially when they are witnesses to that being far from the truth. As far as I am concerned, all those who discriminate against us because they hate us, should always be put on the spot and called out.

This is a country (supposedly) of the land of the free, but yet, we have a system in place that is not in our favor and when we excel beyond the levels that has been put before us, they are left in amazement because we as a people have always looked beyond the barriers of restrictions. The reality is that the restrictions should have never been there in the first place especially in this country where "freedom for all" is in its speech. 

It's not a surprise that they still want to continually take from us. The sad part for them is this. They seem to think that we do not know this.

The racism in this country is real. This is not a figment of our imagination. All you have to do is go on YouTube, Google, and on any of the social media platforms, and you will see videos playing these types of stories over and over again. But you know what is even crazier, is how other minorities treat my people. It's amazing how easily they forget the racism they went through and yet, they want to target their racism toward us. How crazy is that? Then they have the nerve to want our money too! We as a group must do better. 

Since they don't like us, we should not be taking part in helping them consistently grow their revenue. I say they can pick their noses up and smell their upper lips because it smells like a whole lot of ish they have been playing in. 

Why do we as a people keep supporting groups that treat our Men, Women, and Children as badly as they can? For Example: The police departments call our phones asking for donations. Look at how many of my people they have seriously hurt and killed; during traffic stops, so-called mistaken home invasions, in police custody, while we are walking, on our own property, on our jobs, when we are not resisting arrest, in choke-holds, so-called mistaken identity, while hand-cuffed, and have caused pregnant women babies to die. Not a pleasant picture painted is it? Yet they want our financial support. Really! If people are not for us they are totally against us. That's Facts.

Second Example: Other groups are making and selling products specifically for my people. They want us to spend our money on their products. Look at how they treat us. They disrespect us if we work for them. They demand we do more than others. They put poisonous ingredients in their products to harm us. They are not honest with us. They lie in our faces and talk about us behind our backs. They will not defend us when we are right. They try to monopolize to try and force us to only buy from them. They try and block us from getting the things we need and yet, we are supposed to trust them. Boo Boo the fool does not live here.

Final Example: We Be Minding Our Own Business! Then the other groups stare at us. They judge us. They try to tell us what to do, but they don't have their own business in check. They are attracted to us. They want to procreate with us. They try and speak like us. They alter their bodies to look like us. They tan their skin to become darker like us. Some take pills to become brown like us. They braid their hair like us. They try to ridicule us because of their own insecurities. They copy the way we dress. We set trends and they follow. There is always a motive behind their forwardness. Trust and Believe That.

If you are not guilty of any of these actions, then this post is not for you. This is something that I needed to get off my chest. Some people make it hard to be nice and respectful, and if that is how they want to be, that's fine. But, stop targeting us with your hatefulness because when the favor is returned, all of the sudden they don't know how to act. They need to find something to do because we do not want any parts of rude attitudes.

Do ya'll remember this quote or something similar to it. The sins of the fathers will become the sins of the sons. They will reap what they sow. You know the saying "What goes around, comes around". All that negative demon-filled energy has no place around any of us. So they really need to sit back and recognize all of the unforgettable wrongs they have done. Once the truth is uncovered and unfolds, not one lie will have the power to close it up. There has been and still is truth being uncovered right now online. Everything that is hidden will come to light and you know I'm right.

Our history from over 400 years ago until today, can no longer be swept under the rug. This country was built from the free labor of my people. Everything that makes our lives much better was created by my people. But yet they even want to put a limit on the access we can have to those things. We are far from being stupid. 

They massacred our people in various towns all over this nation and within those towns were people that look like me. In those towns were families that look like mine. In those towns were generations wiped completely out at the hands of people who were jealous of the progress my people made on their own. Why should our guards be let down for people who did this to our ancestors? Play is for children. Not for adults.


This land was taken from people who were here before anyone else. Let's speak facts. This land was built from straight up free labor,  murder, slaughter and brutality. Where is the freedom and democracy in that! This is not a bedtime story for the faint at heart. Ugly, is the history of this country and they are trying so desperately to change that so that the future generations will not know all the facts.

Every time I look around on the Internet, I see some more information about slavery. Want to talk about brutality? Let's talk about it then. I hope you all have a strong stomach because it's about to get real!

They: hung my people, scarred my people, sold my people, separated my people, abused my people, raped my people, stole from my people, starved my people, burned my people, used my people, tortured my people, neglected my people, humiliated my people, disrespected my people, ignored my people, and when they could not or would not give them the rest of their souls, they killed my people. 

When the laws passed to free my people, they hated my people because they could no longer work the life out of my people. Where is the justice for that? I'm waiting....

Now you tell me, why should we believe anything anyone has to say to us about my people? We will do our own research and base our conclusions on facts. 

Let's talk about what goes on today! Think about this. What makes a grown man want to cut off another man's sexual organ? What makes a male cops want to see black men naked? You know who you all are! If you like men be honest about it. Talk about perversion. Stop feeling my fellow African American men up. 

What makes a cop beat and kill African Americans in custody? I'm talking about black men, children, the elderly, the homeless, and the women. Does this sound familiar? What makes cops ignore our rights? What makes cops detain people for made up reasons? What makes cops do unlawful stops? What makes cops kill innocent people? What makes cops lie in our faces? What makes cops put our people in no winning situations? What makes cops lie in order to make arrests? What makes cops pick on children? What makes cops slam pregnant women and women onto cars, and or onto the ground? What makes cops get aggressive for no reason? What makes cops lie about seeing possible suspects? What makes cops not protect and serve? What makes cops lie about a so-called "fitting the description?" What makes cops follow and protect bad cops? What makes a cop turn a blind eye to the wrong other bad cops do? What makes cops refuse mental health checks? Had enough yet?

Yet they think that my people are supposed to trust them? Yes, we trust them to hurt one of us. We trust them to lie on us. We trust them to falsify reports. We trust them to make more mothers and fathers cry. We trust them to hurt the defenseless. We trust them to not do their job. We trust them to believe the hype instead of doing what's right. Get the picture? 

Our lives do not belong in their hands ever. Let's call them exactly what they are. They are murderers with badges plain and simple. Those who fit this description, you know who you are. Trust who? They do not look out for our best interest at all except if it is going to benefit them in some way. The truth is the light. Follow It.

As I said before, they will reap what they sow. I believe that is in the Holy Bible. It basically means what you do to others, will come back to you 10 folds. Ever heard of Karma? That is also a real thing. 

The similarities of slavery still exist today in different forms like:

  1. the difference is pay (and yet they want us to work for them), 
  2. job loss because of lies,
  3. meddling in our personal business and space, 
  4. separating our families through imprisonment, foster homes, manipulation, and deception.
  5. trying to curb the growth of our population through whatever means they feel is necessary.
  6. putting our people in real hot spots all across the country
  7. creating illusions so that others will believe lies about my people.
  8. manipulating the use of laws to discredit my people.
  9. paying more because of the color of our skin.
  10. wanting us to vote for political parties that don't benefit us.

No matter how this issue is being sugar-coated, in this society, if they don't respect us, how can they expect respect in return? They have not fully respected us since our ancestors became free. Think about how long ago that was. Yet, they want to downplay this past reality.

It's way past waking up and seeing what's going on. The signs have been there all along. It's no more about what we can do for them. It's about what we can do adequately and exceptionally for ourselves. 

I don't know if the playing field will ever be equal but, I do hope that day will come to pass. Now is the time to get our focus back, get ourselves together, and rise above the hatred so that we can build the type of Wealth That Will Last. Amen To That.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Living and Loving Life.