About B. Elainen Styles

Hi there. Welcome to B. Elainen Styles. 

I started this blog because I was, and I still am determined to live my life in the best possible way. I needed a place of my own to express who I truly am without any restrictions or limitations. 

I like expressing my point of view on a variety of topics because I am interested in a variety of things. Blogging, for me, is the best way in a respectful way, to get my points across.

Here you will find a variety of subjects that I like to write about ranging from Decorating, Skincare, Personal Finance, to Products I have tried. 

I feel that this documented journey, can be one of the best examples of showing others, that one of the greatest values in life is in the sharing of experiences throughout one's life.

It is my hope that any article or post you land on will give you great ideas to build on, motivation to meet your goals, and the inspiration to create the lifestyle you want.

Until Next Time. Enjoy Loving and Living Life.